Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Cheam Camera Club: Season 4: Colour 2

Deconstructed Sunflower. Score 9.5.  The judge gave the most glowing speech about this image - if I  think about perhaps some of the best feed back I've ever had, which was nice!  Creative, great colour combination, very different, stylish.......but I felt a BUT coming.....he felt it a little too busy, no where to rest his eye! Never mind, happy with a 9.5 on this occasion. Printed on Parchment to give a water colour effect.

Morning Layers: Score 7.5. Of course disappointed by this score.  Taken on a group outing, with two members having shown their images in standard class and both received a 10, I was kinda hoping for at least an 8 but there you go.  I left the road in the bottom of the image to add interest and scale - sadly he really didn't like that part of the image!!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Leith Hill

Early Morning Flight


Through the Mist

The Road to Nowhere

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Cheam Camera Club: Season 4: Mono Print 2

Left for Dead: Pin Mill, Suffolk. Score: 9.5 - surprisingly.....

Winter IS coming: Score 8.5

Friday, 10 November 2017

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Sometime ago I entered five images into the BWPA, one was shortlisted - Whoop Whoop.  Without a further thought, I was VERY surprised to hear I'd received a Highly Commended - Whoop flipping whoop.

Two trips this week to the Mall Galleries, the first on Tuesday with good friends.   Really hoping that the image was a little more than a 6 by 4 in a corner, I was very surprised as we enter when my friend shouted 'there it is'!

It was all a little surreal, that one of my images should be amongst some stunning wildlife images on the wall of a London Gallery.  It also felt a little strange - I am not a wildlife photographer, was it really wildlife being taken in a hive. I stopped thinking too hard and enjoyed the viewing!

I received my HC in the Hidden Britain section. And when you looked at the images, actually there were several bee shots.

We then went a bit posh for lunch....

The second trip came on Wednesday night...... with a private preview for the winners and HC images.  The evening was very exciting with Miranda Krestovnikoff presenting the winning prizes. However, the venue was very hot and very crowed, although the bubbles were very welcome after a very long day!  I received a copy of the BWPA 2017 book that not only contained all the winning images, all the HC images but also some of the images that didn't make the exhibition - having viewed the ones that didn't make it - once again I question how mine image did!!

Soooooo, what now I hear you ask.... well  one of my images  has been shortlisted for the British Life Photography Awards - I'm not gonna say it won't go any further because this has proved anything can happen!!  I have been inspired to try some wildlife projects.  Maybe a bee one!!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Cheam Camera Club: Season 4: PDI 2

Sunflowers in the Wind: Taken at the side of a field when visiting Mum & Dad. Score: 8.5

Missing the Action: Our first trip to Goodwood, and we will always remember the rain...... god the rain, the mud and the flipping rain! ;) I'm not sure the judge will get the double title - I missed the car when photographing it and if you look no one in the pits is actually looking at the racing! Yes, as thought he really didn't get that one at all - missing the action himself! Score: 8 

A truly awful evening of waffle and poor scoring from the judge - I would also suggest once again that some members should really not be in the categorises they are.
I am also very much aware now as the forth season is underway that some members are not playing by the rules in any shape or form!!

Friday, 20 October 2017

High Key

I know High Key is not everyone's cup of tea but I just can't get enough of this type of photography.....  may even have to print this on parchment for my own wall!