Sunday, 6 May 2018

365 - Week 18

120: Flowers

121: Bluebells

122: Sunshine, on yet another grey day

123: Changes

124: Wine O'Clock

125: Sewing Day

126: Shame on us. Beautiful path of bluebells in Slindon wood, trampled. Lets respect our environment, stay to the paths so we have the bluebells next year. These will not appear again now for a number of year.

365 - Week 17

113: Sunny Day

114: Bluebell

115: Blossom

116: Mono

117: Birthday Gifts

118: Bluebell Wood

119: Bognorphenia

365 - Week 16

106: Seedling

107: Beauty

108: Best Panel 2018

109: The Weather Has Landed

110: Garden Tulip

111: Rhubarb

112: Spring Bus Day

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Cheam Camera Club: R4: Mono Print

These were to be my entries. I will never know the judges scores!

Taking time to reflect.


This week I have chosen to step away from club life.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Cheam Camera Club: Season 4: Colour Print Summary


The Changing Season: 8


Sweetpeas: 9


Deconstructed Sunflower: 9.5

Morning Layers: 7.5


Poppy Abstract: 8

Grass Hares Tail: 8.5


Evening Sail: 9.5

Fading Sunflower: 8

So fairly consistent scoring this season for colour prints. Coming joint third.
1st (Joint) 70.5, 2nd 68.5 and 3rd (Joint) 68...... so very little in it!

Cheam Camera Club: Season 4: PDI 4

So these images were for February, the meeting cancelled due to bad weather. I'd anticipated and 8 and a 9. 

Goldfinch: 8

Ophelia: 8.5

Both images looked extra bright on the projected screen so need to tone down for next round! And this means I'm well behind on the scoreboard!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cheam Camera Club: Annual Exhibtion

Soooooo, it's that time of year where we show our images to the public......

This was my printed panel....... surprisingly given 1st place (from the judge) in the panels, this year. Surprised but chuffed!

Vibrant Sunflower

Faded Sunflower

Deconstructed Sunflower

And my three PDI's (you'll notice the sunflower theme continues!)

25 Ways: Sunflower

Footprints in the sand

Hatching Honey Bee (I think this has to be the last outing for this image!)

And Hatching Honey Bee came 2nd (from Judge)!

2018: Having had two HC panels previously I'm delight to have got a 'placement' at last! I was slightly overwhelmed by the the judges comments, visitors comments, particularly from a professional photographer (we had had speak to us last year) and kind comments from members.

2017 Exhibition  Panel - HC

2016 Exhibition Panel - HC, Milky Way Joint 1st (from Judge), 2nd (from Public Vote)

2015 Exhibition - interesting that I didn't blog about my first exhibition, so below shows my entries (just for record purposes). Selsey received 2nd for best Mono Print (from Judge)



(can't find the third but it was a car!)