Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Baby Blankets: East Surrey Hospital

These have been made over the course of several months - small blankets for the baby unit at East Surrey Hospital.

Most are made up of odd balls I've picked up along the way or left over bits of wool from larger projects. I've used the making of some of the small blankets to practice new stitches. Although several have been made in my favourite C2C stitch.






Yarndale 2018: Skipton

So much has changed since we last went to Yarndale in 2013, including my photography skills - looking at the images of past! 

Three of us managed some time out this year, to relax and stop for a while. And as with five years ago, great company, a great weekend and great fun! Not so long next time!

The Yarndale walk is a GREAT pleasure and we all looked forward to the walk, why would you not walk. We shared the path this year with the Park runners - which none of us remembered from 5 years ago! But the sun came out and we enjoyed....

Decorated, so we could find our way....

Little hidden sheep to keep us looking.....

We all remembered the view from the top of the hill....

Exciting things to keep us happy while queueing.....

Community projects to look at and admire....

The entrance hall was a delight with bunting from 2013, while we were side tracked hunting for our butterflies........ Ta Dah found one!  £2333 was raised from donated butterflies!

Sheep from previous years..... nice jumper!

Wool aplenty - all colours all sizes....

Nice jumpers, and naughty jumpers!

Did I mention the colour....

Then of course there is the bus..... it did seem to follow us around! I will have to ride it one year just so I can tell D but with the sun shining we started the homeward walk - exhausted, penniless and weighed down with bags!!

The view, one last time!!

The park....

We ate well, we slept well, and we managed to fit in a bottle or two during the weekend.

We even enjoyed the woods on Monday before heading home!

Great weekend Girls!

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

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