Saturday, 19 August 2017


When adding furniture to the BH, we decided a very low budget was needed to ensure we didn't go into debt. Car boots and charity shops were visited.  It was always the intention to 'do them up' but of course time was always an issue - until this year (yay). I have REALLY enjoyed this process and actually none of them took more than a few hours to do.

Bookcase £1  ......Additional Materials Glue £2. Wallpaper sample FOC

Ta Dah.....

Set of two tables - £4, both marked on purchase, and the larger one with starches on the top ...  Additional Materials: Paint 50p per tin (discount clearance stand B&Q) Wallpaper samples FOC  

Ta Dah......

Friday, 23 June 2017


Photographer of the Year, PDI, Mono & Colour Prints - our two end of season competitions where the classes are stripped away and everyone can enter two images scoring 9 and above from the current season.

PDI: Down to the last 19 out of 63 images

Not placed

Colour Prints:  I will actually state - and probably for the only time in my club life that I did feel rather hopeful with Bosham - it's an image I'm incredibly proud of. HC. One winner and three HC out of 40 images, with 11 being held.

Not placed

Mono Prints: Both images held - 17 held out of 40 images.

HC - One winner and four HC.

A pretty good season over all.
1st in the Mono Print Competition.
3rd (joint) in the PDI Competition
HC for Annual Exhibition Panel
HC for PoTY Mono Print
HC for PoTY Colour Print

A good season but I won't need to get a bigger car to take home the trophies this year lol.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

British Wildlife Photography Awards

At the last minute, I decided to enter five images into the BWPA. In fact the day before entries closed! Today I have received an email to say I have been shortlisted, and go into the next round.  I have no idea how many people enter this competition but it's probably the largest competition I have entered to date.  I also don't know how many have been shortlisted but I would suspect a fair few!

These are the images I entered....

And this one has been shortlisted.

I know it will go no further but chuffed to have been shortlisted!

CCC: Season 3 - PDI Summary

Interesting - so many 9.5 but no 10's! So near yet so very far!

 Frozen Flowers: 9.5

Emerged 9.5

Just Resting: 9.5

Early Autumn Colour: 7.5

The Real Hungry Caterpillar: 9

The Mist: 8.5

Evening Calm: 8.5

Misty Sunrise: 7.5

Gerbera: 9.5

Memorial through the Trees: 7

The Cub: 9.5

Photographers at Work: 8

Coming joint 3rd with 103.5 (well done JB), second place 104 with first place receiving 106.  Pretty close all round and on this occasion - staying within the intermediate group for 2017/18 season.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Rethink Your Mind

So, a few months back I entered a couple of images for the Rethink Your Mind - The Yellow Book.  I entered two images two years ago and got an image published... click here to view.  Always trying to improve - this year I not only got my image published in the book, they chose my image to appear on the Audio Book Cover, winning a prize!  I think the cover of the Audio Book is most app (for those that know me well) and is being released on 11.11.17 - was it meant to be - who knows!

Over 500 people entered, 50 pieces of work (25 words, 25 artworks) were selected for The Yellow Book 2017, with 14 prizes being given out.

As I'm a free agent this year I decided to go and get my prize in person.  A fine day out at the Houses of Parliament, I would have liked to have looked round the back rooms while there but security was VERY tight! Invite and extra ID at the ready .....

 Armed with only my iPhone, as other camera equipment was not permitted I took a few images without getting myself arrested!

Not great images, but an opportunity to take from a position I'm not likely to stand again!!  So with one my prize of an iPad in hand I went for a swift drink with my friend to celebrate!

1 in 5 people have dandruff, 1 in 4 have mental health problems. Ruby Wax.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

CCC: Season 3: PDI 6

Well the final round of our Projected Digital Images.  With very little left to offer I'm pleased I do not need to find anymore images this season.  I look forward to going back over images during the summer ready for next season now!

Photographers at Work: Just some minor changes on this one. Warm tones need adding, Shadows and Highlights. A small crop.  A good weekend was had.

Final: Pretty happy with this one, I don't think it's a 10 but like the simpleness of the image.

Judges Comments: Good separation between the people. Liked the camera on the tripod, comes over as a nice image.  Good light through the long grass. Score: 8  Note: This looks much sharper on my screen than it did on the wall

Fox Cub: Saved at last hurdle by this image, invited round my friends at the crack of dawn to sit in her garden the cubs put in a brief appearance.  However, where they stopped I was blessed with great light. I have learnt so much over the last few years, however, the most important lesson would be light.  Light is most definitely the photographers friend.  Nothing exciting really about this image, but the light on the fox cub is just the best.

Unedited:   Lots of distractions in the picture, especially the white behind the foxes head.  The usual shadows and highlights, with a LOT of cloning! And a very heavy crop.  I wanted to leave detail in the background so the Shadows came right down.

Fox Cub Final: OK.  I'm not sure about the cloning, once again I can clearly see where I have tried to remove stuff, and I'm not sure how obvious this will be on the big screen.  I'm also not sure of the green bag to the left would have preferred to remove this but not happy with the result and have just gone for a darken.  HOWEVER, I love the light on the cub, and I love the 'frame' of the pot behind the cub.

Judges Comment: Good 'evening light' on his face, and good capture of light on his ears. Lovely circle behind his head.  However, too much black to the right of the cub should have gone for more of a crop. Score: 9.5 Note to me: I process my images slightly darker and they project very light on the screen.  New laptop seems to project a little darker.  I can still see detail of the green in the back ground on my laptop but on the large screen there was no detail as all. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

CCC: Panel of Six Images

My third season, so my third panel.  I have so many ideas for panels, but the lack of ability to implement so many of them. I will work hard during the summer to over come some of these issues. These are not the images I was going to enter but a change of plan last week has had me looking back on my bee images from 2014 and 2015 (and one from 2016!).

The panel (on this occasion)  should have six images, all images should stand up on their own but also sit well together.  A better panel will tell a story, using the six images.  They should work from left to right, be of a similar orientation (or at least be an even number of portraits and landscape mix).

During my first season, having no experience with panels I entered these in 2015. With a little more experience in my second season, I did a special project for the panel - however, although connected they didn't tell a story 2016.

So this year, I have concentrated on the panel rather than the images.  I would be the first to admit some of these images are perhaps not my best but I have submitted a story using the six images.  I changed my mind last week when I was reminded the panel should tell a story, would some of these images stand up on their own - perhaps not, but I hope they work well as a panel.   Last season, my panel was the last to be rejected before they started on the scoring.  This year I would very much like a HC just on the panel (not necessarily the quality of images) - if my panel works then I can work on the story and quality of images for next year.  Is has to be about improvement, a little bit at a time.

The Honey Bee: From Larvae to Honey


Third out of 18 - very happy with that.  There were some outstanding panels on display tonight.  Sooooo..... need to start thinking now for next season lol!!