Monday, 18 March 2019

3 Tor Dartmoor : Shaugh Bridge & Lydford Gorge

Having been perked up by a massive Rhubarb Gin last night I was fighting fit (and when I say fighting fit.... I mean I was slightly grateful that we were not climbing a mountain today!)

Shaugh Bridge was our first stop - a stunning ancient woodland.

Second stop of the day was Lydford Gorge. After tea and cake we headed down into the gorge.

Devils Cauldron.... a little hairy walking down here, VERY narrow walkway, with very steep steps - but as I was following a lady with  stick I was a little embarrassed to turn around.

We did cheat a little - instead of doing the two hour walk - we drove to the other end (for which my short stubby legs were very thankful).

Whitelady Waterfall - breath-taking, but unable to capture the sheer power of the waterfall.  And once again - walking down meant the way out was up, up, up.

A wonderful few days - with some realisation that I really do need to get out more with the camera, if you don't use it you lose it. The realisation that my legs need to go faster, and the final realisation that I can hold a wee for longer than I think!

Thank you IM and JB for waiting (and waiting) and for helping me over the big rocks! And if you want to see some amazing images -

3 Tor Dartmoor: Littaford Tor & Wistman's Woods

Day Three - and I had nothing left in my legs! Yet I  slowly make it up 500m to Longaford Tor. And the wind was windier than windy - in fact I'm fairly certain it was a gale,  just as I'm sure it was a mountain we climbed rather than a hill (snigger snigger).

I was being blown around and had to stop several time to brace myself, the kit needed to be anchored and the tripods could not be left. Such fun!!

Littaford Tor - stunning views, and very lucky to have pockets of light.

The third tor is Longaford Tor. We were blown to the second one and then headed down.

Wistman's Wood was our next stop - a little more sheltered - but fully aware when hail came (only very briefly) that the weather was turning.

Once again I don't feel my images do justice at all to the beauty of the area.

3 Tor Dartmoor : Little Staple Tor & Windy Cross

Day two came with wind, and not just because we had had curry the evening before. We were high and windy wind was an understatement. 

Little StapleTor  (380m) was our first tor of the 'tor' (yes now you understand!). In fact Little Staple Tor,  followed by Middle Staple Tor and a viewing of a flipping massive tor behind these two!

Back down before heading over the other side to Windy Cross (most apt for the winds we were having).

My images really don't do justice to the view or  scenery we experienced!

3 Tor Dartmoor : Teign Gorge

March last year I was in Southwold (in the most awful weather) with photography friends. This year saw us 'toring' Dartmoor, with perhaps similar temperamental weather . Travelling down Friday, our first stop was Teign Gorge (National Trust). Having chosen the circular walk to kill some time before heading to our accommodation in Tavistock.

The scenery was beautiful. And a slow peaceful walk started looking down into the gorge.

Loving the naked trees... we progressed at a nice leisurely pace!

We stopped at Fingle Bridge to photograph the river, and enjoy a pint at the local pub.

It was about half an hour into the return walk, that the realisation we had not taken note what time the car park shut that slight panic set in, and the walk became much faster. Very few photos were taken. And the realisation that my short stubby legs were really not going fast enough!

And of course, if you've headed down into the gorge, the way out must be up...….and up..... and up!

The view was however very worth it. No time to set up tripod and filters - so just some record shots....

And then a very short sharp shower but look...…. if only we were at the bottom to collect the pot of gold!

Not even time to clean the lens.

And it was not long after this photo that my friends heard my saying of the 'tor' ….. 'I have nothing left in my legs', unfortunately for me - this was before I reached the top of the very long and very high steps!

Such fun! And from this moment on we took note of every car parks closing times (snigger snigger).